Sloth Pizza! A Watercolor Painting! (Original Art By Kaylin)

in art •  2 years ago


I'm just trying to mix niches, And create unique designs for my products!
Note: All This artwork is made by me, All rights reserved!

The Sketch

I'm still practicing with water color and feel it's necessary to sketch things out first.


For those of you who haven't done much in watercolor, Often the pencil can interfere, Plus when you get a layer of paint it can be hard to erase the pencil. So I'm doing that now.

Adding In Color

I'm slowly starting to add color. Note how I'm using a lot of yellow.

Deeper colors




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I REALLY like this. Watercolor is my favorite so far.

Eyes light up
The sloth is adorable! Good to see you mixing it up, sloth on a pizza is a nice, quirky drawing that not only shows your skills, but also the ability to diversify what you can draw.
Always love to see your drawings hehe :)


You're always welcome. :)

Lol that's a nice drawing :-)


Thank you :)

good post

what a wonderful lesson

Nice lively art

Wow very great my friend @kaylinart

Great works, I wish you success

Haha this is badass!

I like it positioned upward as it is in the last picture and put in the kiddie of a t-shirt!! Come on now, I can see it with multiple color shirts. Do it!!
I had to give this a full upvote and resteem! Hope more people see it!

Hi @kaylinart this made my day. I also prefer the non-outlined version. Just feels a little softer and furrier somehow lol awesome and original painting nevertheless. Pizza and sloth = best friends. Never could've imagined such a combination ^.^/"

Mother's love is always there even in animals. After giving birth her child, she started licking, and kissing. What an amazing video, thanks for sharing such classy video.

Superb job dear @kaylinart.

The sloth is sticking to pizza but keeps looking at me in all these drawings. Why is it so?

Aw the sloth's smile is so cute! I love sloths AND pizza! Thanks for showing the creative process💕

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Great art!

wow, nice, funny, and delicious :D

This is the first time I see your watercolor and I must say - you made my Saturday morning!:) Probably I'll act like this guy - will hug pizza and keep smiling:)

I 💜 sloths so much. This is great, although I'm pretty sure they don't eat pizza 😁

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Nice one :) I use H pencil to sketch so when I paint the pencil marks don't show :)

I love everything about this, seriously awesome job, great concept and such cute and beautiful watercolors in the end.

This may be your magnum opus.

Pizza is FAST, FAST, FAST and you are joining it with a Sloath. . . SLOW, SLOW, SLOW.
Pizza companies in USA are touting there speed "Five Dollar Hot and Ready", Dominoes has changed the store design
. . . and here we have SLOW PIZZA, that's what make art . . . ART!
very nice :)

stopppppp this is amazing ! please make this into a shirt!!!!!

amazing and cute drawings
thank you for sharing
thank you so much
please don't forget to up vote back thank you so much