Dear Steemit Diary: Art From Days Gone Past | Day 4 of 365 Days of My Creative Journey | @Kawthar

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Dear Steemit Diary,

Today I'm bringing to you guys some throwback artwork. Join me on a walk down memory lane purely for nostalgia's sake, and not because I don't have any new content for today..I do have content.. but I uh..on to the artwork!


Let's start with some circa '07.

For the record guys, at that time these were some of my best works. These were the works that defined my portfolio. I was proud of this shtuff.

"Little Pouty Boy" (this was literally the title. gah!)little_pouty_boy_by_metallicsunset.jpg

This artwork was a piece I remember laboring over. There is a DeviantArt artist who I completely admired who tended to draw thoughtful story-like photos often times of kids. The often captured an almost "real" snapshot of life. I used her tutorial to make the balloons in this picture. Tbh they came out great and I still think they look very realistic.


This picture was supposed to be "self-portrait" of sorts ID for my account profile. I painted a Russian doll silhouette on the back of the jacket because I was obsessed with them and still am actually.

"ID 2"

This post is also an ID but instead of an anonymous portrait it's of an ice cream cone? This must explain my life at that time.

Circa '08

"The Last Companion"

This picture was for an art competition. It is an artistic representation of a loyal companion in a historical battle. After all the other soldiers were gone and there was only 1 left, there were actually 2 including this horse.

Circa '09

The next few pictures were all titled 'Practice', 'More Practice', and 'Practice Again'. Im guessing '09 was the year of practice? For the sake of this post I'm going to rename these images with titles I would give them now in 2017. Let's go.

"Possibly Dead Lady with a Crick in Her Neck"

I think I understand what I was going for in this pic? It is somewhat reminiscent of vintage portraits? Or maybe I just didn't know how to draw a decent headshot.

"Orange You Glad I Improved Some?"

Apparently my '09 practice paid off some and this picture actually came out pretty nice in my opinion. There are some things I see that I would change but for the most part I'm diggin' it.

"The Joker's Girlfriend"

I was reading through the comments for this one and my sister had called it the joker's girlfriend. I don't remember being pleased by her comment at the time. I thought it was haute couture.


Not really sure what other title this would have. It is just one huge glaringly large eye and half a nose...The skin looks pretty good though. P.S. I still love drawing eyes and it is often my boredom doodle of choice.

"1920s Starlet"

I think this image is a good finale for this post. I actually really like what I did with this picture. A lot of new technique for me on this one. I am pleased.

That's all I've got for you guys today. I hope you enjoyed seeing a throwback of some of my work. I enjoyed look at them again and getting to assess them for what they are now that I'm not as emotionally attached to them.

Thank you for reading!

Until tomorrow,



P.S. The buttons I made in the last post are currently under artistic revision. I want to play around with them a little to make sure they are exactly what I want. Expect to see them soon!


The Joker's Gurlfriend might be my favorite after your old ID pic. I always liked that one. I'm gonna imagine I titled it. #probablynotthatsister #notthatfunny

I like the eye and the boy best. I feel like there are different emotions transported by the boy picture. He could be sad, frightened, bored or just shy. Nice art!

Good point! Thanks !

I'm partial to Nesting Doll Jacket and 1920s Starlet. You've got talent! Nothing like practice.

don't let the little attention get you down. Steemit is not fair sometimes. You will be great here if you keep doing what you are doing, because you are great!