"Time" - painting in oil on canvas

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Hi Steemers and Steemians,

today I would like to show you another painting of mine.

In the picture "Time", the distant past is symbolised by the ammonites, and the hands are holding the fossils openly, carrying, but not clasping them.
They're holding what is given to them but also giving free rein at the same time, thus the sand is silently running through the fingers.

oil on canvas
30 x 40 cm


The picture is describing the coming and going in our world, it is like sitting at a river and observing the water flowing by.

Have a beautiful day!

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Incredible piece, @kathrina-sofie

I love how you've also added the sands of time running through her fingers. Beautiful in every way!

Thank you so much @youhavewings!! :)

Lovely painting, really makes you think. I really like the little details in there like the mechanic parts inside the shells, it makes the piece all the more deep :)

Thank you @wilnonis! :)
I think you are the very first person ever who discovert the little mechanic parts in this painting. :)
Not even when I exhibited the original people mentiond it.

Would love to write an article about your work on my website: www.thalmaray.co. Awesome discovery !

Thank you @thalmaray! :)
I had a look at your homepage - interesting!

You are from the Netherlands?

One thing: I saw that you sign the article with "Thalmaray © 2018".
If we would do something like this, I would put my homepage adress or my name on the photos, like on the photo in this article.
At the end of your article should be pointed out that you have the © for the text but the © for the pictures is mine.
If this is ok for you I could mail you some photos for an article.

A beautiful visual interpretation of time, @kathrina-sofie <3 We try to hold on to the past, but time runs through our fingers like sand... so what we need to do is to accept and hold it preciously with open palms~

The tiny gears inside the ammonites are wonderfully detailed <3 and i love the lighting on both hands <3

Beautiful picture !

Thank you so much @verspider. :)
The thought that the time runs so easily through our fingers, is not quite a cheering one but on the other hand if you are aware of that you can use your time more consciously I think.

tick-tock ammonites - how cool is that!?
upvoted, resteemed and shared

Thank you Otto!! :)
Also for upvoting, resteeming, sharing!!

Would love to write about your work: www.thalmaray.co. Awesome work, this discovery made my day.

I love your use of shells/fossils as the representation of time. The spirals also bring to mind the 'mortal coil' of the human animal.

Thank you so much @donnadavisart!!! :)
Had to look up the 'mortal coil', when you use that in English :).
Just that I wish now, I would have known that term earlier. Would fit very well as part of a title for another painting of mine.

Painting ammonites as a symbolic representation of time is a very great move!
All the details in this painting matches perfectly with the conception of time.
The ammonites, the little gears, the falling sand, the hands holding time as a reminding that time is a very important thing to care about.
Wow! This is an outstanding piece of art.

Thank you so much @kennitgabriel!! :) This is so kind of you!
I liked it to include all of the details in this painting. For me it makes the story more whole.
It's quite a compliment that you discovert all of these details!

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