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We have all heard of the dangers of internet porn. Before that it was the danger of plain old porn-magazines and before that?

Well the joy of looking at an image is just as old as man, and the joy of looking at sex... is equally old... that is at least my working theory. In the eighteen century (by far my favourite century), some of the Scandinavian artists sent letters to each other with forbidden drawings. Unfortunately these drawings are not easily available on the internet, and I don't have the book. But I found these drawing... some burlesque, some explicit, and some just beautiful .

Nicolai Abildgaard, loving couple

Nicolai Abildgaard, Loving couple

Johan Tobias Sergel, Couple making love while babysitting

Johan Tobias Sergel, Loving couple

Johan Tobias Sergel, Madam M: with daisy and Claës with saber

Johan Tobias Sergel, Loving couple

I also found some lovely everyday drawings

C. W. Eckersberg, A couple in bed

Johan Tobias Sergel, Gustav cries. The artist's son is crying in his sleep, and his wife still in stockings and wig comforts him.

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