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Summer is always a busy time - the children have holiday and family and friends come out of their dark winter lairs and want to socialise. So summer is too busy for Steemit it seems. I am home for a short time and made a völva - a norse soothsayer and magician on my wacom, but else I just have had to work with pencil and paper as I am in the countryside all the time.

I have been looking at the old Scandinavian illustrators like Lorenz Frølich and Carl Larsson

The next page of Phill from GCHQ have been under way a long time now. I am almost done with the sketching and will probably be able to finish it early next week.

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OK, who modelled for this?


Mostly my imagination.

Summer is such a busy time. Can't wait to see your finished sketch. Enjoy the countryside!


It is! I had a great weekend. Some of my friends have bought a large ground with a small and wild forest with fallen trees, a swamp and a house - 10 minuttes from the beach. I went to bed at 4am both nights and am tired and alcohol dim with hair dry from saltwater.

I do not know how the summer, I imagine the summer is very hot air, so to get out of the house just will not be able to .. I really want to feel the summer, hopefully one day can be achieved


Hopefully it can :) have a nice time.

in my place during the dry season we like to walk for a holiday, but the dry season must be much different from the summer, enjoy your summer friends


A fine summer to you too!


thank :))..

Can i see some photos of that country side you are mentioning ?
I would love that! :-)
The sketching is great too...


Maybe, I am going to Iceland in a weeks time and plan to post from up there.

perfect illustration, @katharsisdrill!

Another simple, clean bit of art from you inspired from old traditions. The posing, in particular, reminds me of some somewhat classical work, and looking at Frølich's stuff, I certainly see the influence.