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All I can manage these days are the daily black and white drawing. This one is called Doctor Virtuaworld.


...and his sidekick, Reality Boy!

Maybe Reality Girl will be more funny to draw. Superheroes have to be female anyway these days.

my mistake, I can all ready see her standing beside Doctor Virtuawolrld with a disaproving look on her face.

And then they meet Captain Rentboy!

They dont stand a chance, but hey, Dr. Virtuaworld wont see what hit him.
The shortest career in superhero history!

At least he had his 32 seconds of fame.

people are going to be so warped in the future when virtual realities become a real thing

like how kids these days are glued to their ipads

it's interesting how his bottom body is all slithery and a mass of coils as if they have ceased to have proper humanoid functions XD

legs or intestine, same same in a postreality world.

I feel you @katharsisdrill I'm pushing to get things done, but this morning I thought, "Ok it might be a black and white today" as I have to get to website things I've been putting off :/

Today I have to make an application for a grant and my mind is so much elsewhere. I have planned a whole one of comic, thought about continuing my avant-garde novel that has been sitting idle for a while - I even considered washing the floor, which is a true sign of desperation.

Oh grants, fun. I ONCE tried applying for an artists grant and was quickly put off ever doing it, for me I was not eligible because this or that or something...that floor cleaning is sounder like a better choice for me.

I actually have to go window and flooring shopping for a project I am just going to be starting (not art related but building related) though I am going to design wallpaper for it, if I can find the time :)

Haha, I actually share your sentiment. I prefer just to make my own money, but my wife who knows how to go about things in this world insist, and I did get some money in 2017. So... two days of annoyance and then possibly a year of peace is a fair gamble.

Looking forward to the wallpaper!

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