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in art •  5 months ago

A while ago I got really sick with the flu and had to sit around for many days. I usually don’t let sicknesses lay me up, but this one was a doozy. I started drawing a picture with a #2 pencil on some crappy paper. I ended up really liking it. Unfortunately, it was on crap materials. I ended up tracing it on yupo paper and then watering down all my random paints and filling in. A2066F2F-87C5-4F92-8356-7F8315D93641.jpeg
I made some prints on nice watercolor paper and sold some. Kind of a fun experience. Yupo paper is very interesting to work with. It’s kind of like a sheet of plastic. I highly recommend trying it out. Paint sort of slides around on it. 8205FB29-946A-47E7-8571-F19AABF339EE.jpeg
This art is based on my last birth which was an unassisted home birth. I ended up squatting and catching my daughter which I hadn’t planned on. It was pretty epic feeling her slimy head slip out of my yoni.

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