First Steemit Brownie

in #art6 years ago

For a long time ago Slavs believed that each house lives this spirit - Brownie
Every owner wants to be that he got Good Brownie)) Because there are evil, that can bring a lot of trouble

Not everyone can boast that he had seen Brownie. It is much easier to hear Brownie: at night he knocks, rustles, creaks and makes different leprosy

If you do not know whether you have a house Brownie, you can call him to his guests)
We need to do it with his own hands, and he settled in the talisman
Now I'll show you how I did it

The process has started)

It's not my first time
it was very easy and fast for me

So I finished)

I hope you liked it)) And you have forged home your brownie


Ahh he's so cute well done

Thank you))

👍beautiful brownie, also great tutorial @karisa

Thank you so much))

I like it.
how long does it take to make brownie like this?

About 3-4 hour

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