Murals from Chalk It Up!

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Last weekend, I got to attend Chalk It Up, and annual Labor Day weekend event in Sacramento. For three days, chalk artist decorate the sidewalks of Fremont Park. Lots of time and effort were put into creating these amazing pieces of artwork. I took photos of some of my favorite pieces, because these art installations are so temporary. There are so many talented artists in our community. Check it out!

I love how this artist used blocks of color to draw Frida's face. Often times artist mix water with the chalk to make the colors more bold and solid.

This next artist, drew a picture of a garden. I loved all the detail she put into her painting. As you can see, the artists were still drawing as the festival was going on.


This mural was very realistic! There is so much details in the feathers.

Who doesn't like unicorns? Enough said! haha.
I saved my favorite for last! I couldn't believe how realistic this chalk mural is! I enjoyed the splashes of color she added to the image. It made it look the her mural was popping out of the ground.

I hope you enjoyed this fun collection of artwork. Which one is your favorite? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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Very beautiful art
You are totally awesome!!!!

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thank you! I loved seeing it in real life too!


I bet so
It is so 😎

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