📷 Fun Photoshoot in the Graffiti Alley of Gent! 📷

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I'm always on the search for amazing artwork. Some of the most unique and creative art can be found in the streets. While touring Gent, we discovered a small alley filled with graffiti. I thought I would share some of my favorite graffiti pieces with you.


We were so lucky to see some of the talents artists working on their pieces. This piece in particular is my favorite piece!


Here my friend Angela is walking down the street. Graffiti art can have powerful messages.


I've really enjoyed traveling with these two ladies. We met 7 years ago in Australia, and we are finally reunited!


Feel free to share some of your favorite graffiti art below.


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Greetings, Coruscate

Pretty cool that physical activity you did at sea. I imagine these summer adventures really should be adventures. I've never done that. What I did at sea was swimming and kayaking hehehe. I don't know if you've practiced, but kayaking at sea gives you immense joy.

The last trip I made to the beach was in 2016. I need to do it again. I hope to make one this year or at the most at 2019.

Thank you for posting and Good morning!!!!

Great pictures! Following.

very good, ideal for a postcard

For one thing I love your body flexibility @karensuestudios :)
It is just fascinating to wonder about the beauty of those grafittis although some are just for the purpose of vandalism.

Aww thank you!!! :)