🎨 Dtube Taiwan Adventures: Glass Blowing Class! 🎨

in art •  6 months ago

(click image above to see Dtube video)

I absolutely love any activity that involves using your hands and creativity. In Taiwan, I got the opportunity to take a glass blowing class, and it was so much fun! It's been over 5 years, since I took a glass blowing class, so it felt super special to be able to do this activity again. I really enjoyed this class, as all of the instructions were given to me in Chinese! YAY! Language class and glass blowing class all in one. I totally scored! :P

First, you must choose which color glass you would like to incorporate into your piece.

You use a very hot oven to heat up the glass so that it can be manipulated.

To create a bowl or expand the glass, you blow into the end of the stick, and the glass bulb will get bigger.


Here I am with the final product, a blowfish cup! To see the different steps of glass blowing, please check out my Dtube video. Enjoy!


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absolutely love the last photo!! beautiful backdrop! as far as glassblowing goes, i have yet to try it out, but I've been doing stained glass designs since i was a kid with my grandma (she did these huge, ornate pieces all over my grandparents house for over a decade!). its a time consuming process, and expensive (glass is expensive!), but oh so rewarding. and i love that working on it makes me feel like she's still with me. nostalgia is a beautiful thing.

You are extremely talented and inspiring.😍 Its awesome Art 😊 Good Fun Sweet friend 😉


aww thank you! :)

Taiwan is a good country its technology is also good

That glassblowing looks so fun

How amazing!

I loved

very nice

This is awesome, you are really great

Your final product turned out great! I've always wanted to learn glass-blowing. How long do you have after taking it out of the heat to make each adjustment? Not sure I could handle that kind of time-pressure...

super cool!

Traveling gives pleasure to the man and frustrates the mind. Your pictures are very much liked.

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Hahaha ha...... Fun fun fun.... Thanks guys this is really fun! @karensuestudios