My Favorite Pottery Tool, by far!

in art •  2 years ago

Hello everyone,

Very little in the way of commentary from me on this post, because the video says it all. This is my favorite class of tool: the cow's tongue rib, or 'gyubera', in Japanese. This is a traditional tool used by Karatsu potters, and it was developed for use with short, difficult to throw clays and crushed stone bodies (like porcelain).

Like anything, they take some practice, but will make your life way easier! I hope you enjoyed the video!



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That's a great tool! I wish I had access to a pottery studio.


The great thing about pottery is you can make your own tools, even the kiln. You don't need a studio, just some table space. Go for it!

I have one of those ribs ! but rarely use it, but maybe i should experiment with it a bit more. Thanks for sharing ...too few potters here at present !


They are AMAZING if you work with short clays and/or porcelain. If you're working with plastic clays, standard ribs might be better. Large amount of contact surface area gets kind of sticky with plastic bodies.

I have never seen a rib like this. My pottery supply store does not sell them but a UK store does. I have to google around or make one, I suppose. I just bought some porcelain to experiment with so it might be handy. Thanks for the video. I am new to steemit and try to find potters.