My new working space created from pallets and reorganization of the closet - that's the place where my creations are born.

in art •  3 years ago

There was always a problem with free space when I was creating "something". I had to take everything off from the table and occupy it for a longer time. Finally one day when my husband brought pallets I decided to create a space for my works. This is a short photo story how I did it.

Working space

Sawing, polishing up, staining, painting, screwing and all of it more times in different order.

Table was ready but it wasn't the end. There were no shelfs!

It's done!

Reorganization of the closet

It was just a regular 1,5m x 1,5m closet with everything inside. Lots of stuff and lots of junk that we won't ever need. It was a good time to throw a half of it away.

When there was finally some free space it was the perfect place for my new table.

Final effect

Now it all look like this:

It's all part of Kambrysia!

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Good job. I dream about my own work place like this, but don't have enough free space in a flat.


You don't have even a free space for one table?


better will say that i don't have area where i can do some real man's job: to cut, chop, shave, break etc. :)


I do it all on my balcony :)

Cool article!


Thanks a lot!

Pretty cool @kambrysia

First time I see a woman, who have so many tools :D