Keybox made from pallet (all by myself)! Tutorial with step by step images!

in art •  3 years ago 

Above is the final effect but I guess you are curious about the "production".

You need a simple pallet.

Then you must cut it into smaller pieces.

Polish up wood with sandpaper.

Use wood stain to give it a color.

Screw it together.

Use another color with sponge to add nice visual effect.

It looks really good.

But there is still no place for keys - nails will be nice.

Some decoration to make it even better.

It's done!

Let's put it on wall!

It's all part of Kambrysia!

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Love the stain you put on it @kambrysia!! <3 Looks excellent! great job on your pallet DIY :D XOXOXO Cheers!