SoulDoodle with Love

in #art7 years ago

I love drawing and I'd like to share my knowledge to people.
I call it SoulDoodle, because my hand is driven by my soul. It's a form of active meditation, an internal travel that makes joy and peace. The SoulDoodle workshop is currently under development. I used to test the new excersizes on people so that I can see it works or not. This is free for anybody yet by the time it is developing, but accept small amounts for donation to buy material and equipment.

This is a small piece of paper, with some watercolor, colored pencil, white and black fibre pen.


Some digital manipulations:

Lots of Love: Kalemandra


Wow! I really like your designs! Super neat and intricate! I'm about to follow you!

Thank you! :) I follow you back!

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