Airbrushed Joker Time LapsesteemCreated with Sketch.

in art •  last year

Hey everyone

Here is the final piece for the 4 artworks that were painted for a local art gallery here in Melbourne. This one is my personal favorite out of the 4 and is the one generating the most interest.

Hope you all enjoy!!


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Hi @jwmackay
Your art on wall make me afraid . Ha ha ha ... i like and love art . When i was in school ,
I try to be good , but i'm not good student . Ha ha ha ... i like your artwork.


Thank you, i was going for a much more dark feel


I don't understand much about art , i just like and very love in art . Your artwork very nice.
If you in Thailand want you draw some picture surprised for my love .. ha ha ha ...

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remember the dark knight

True passion speaks volumes. Congrats on a splendid design.


Thank you

Nice Photos :)


Thank you

Nice. .pls upvote me

This is fantastic - I have always wanted to learn how to do airbrush work. It feels scary and hard to control but it seems so effective in trying to paint large pieces like this. Heath Ledger's joker is also my favorite interpretation of the Joker yet - great stuff! Upvoted, resteemed and following!


Thank you very much. Yes, learning to control the airbrush is by far the hardest part of learning. If you can control your airbrush and can identify what shape/effect you want, then the battle is won

The video of your creative process was actually fun to watch and you gave me hope as an artist because you make it look easy (even though it is actually quite skilled). Keep up the great artwork on your steemit posts and I'll continue to upvoted and follow your work fellow steemian!!


Thanks for your support! :)

Sweet! Looked so easy for you :) Just gonna Joker here a little. :)


Thank you :)

That's some wicked talent


Thank you

Pls follow me to

Wow that is cool 👌 very dark... but still... very cool 😊


Thank you. Dark character - dark artwork :)

too scary to look at
too scary to look at.gif

it's great peice of work! :)

The Joker, an iconic Anarchist

please add Anarchism tag

Excellent work.


Wow I love your style :D

Very nice Homage to the health ledge joker! :)

very cool, it has such an eerie feel


Thank you

I didn't realize how large that was until the video started. This is incredible. Heath Ledger is one of my all time favorite actors. This is eerie and beautiful. Well done!


Thank you

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