Airbrushed Glow in the Dark Yoda Artwork

in art •  5 months ago


Materials: 1m x 1m stretched canvas, Iwata HP-C airbrush, Wicked Paints

This was an experiment with UV reactive glow paint by Wicked Paints (Createx). What better way to test out a glow paint than with a lightsaber? Pretty cool, huh?

So how was this painted? It all starts with basing the canvas in gray and then roughly sketching the painting in with white mixed with the UV glow base.



Then the black shading and detailing is applied where needed to create dimension and realism. The UV glow is mixed in with the fluorescent green and applied around the lightsaber and where any green light needs to be. Finally the white highlights are applied.


Then, under a UV light, the image POPS! Very cool effect.


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