🎨 Peace / digital play with watercolor

in art •  6 months ago

Feelings of peace, silence and dreams are appearing in my work for quite some time now.
Is it my personal search, or some inner feelings coming to surface this way, well, maybe..
Or is it time and noise I live in, searching for that peace and bring it to surface ..or maybe all together..Time will tell.
For now I am enjoying results of those feelings and thoughts that are revealing in my art and making me work more and more.

So, for this past months many of smaller size portraits were made as a result and now I wanted to play a bit with them.
It's became interesting to me what can be done more with them, off course with all those digital tools present.

One of them is my favorite and simple free online BeFunky editor.
Somehow it has things I can play with. Stay in my art but give it some ''new'' look.

Here is one of those plays.

4 -mir I 24x32 cm (2).jpg

This is original watercolor work size 23*35cm made on heavy paper.

4 -mir I 24x32 cm.jpg

And here it's new look after playing with it in editor.
Some textures were added, than some repeating of layers, color changes and here it is.
Like more dreams in it can be seen. Or state we are in when we sleep.

4 -mir I 24x32 cm (1).jpg

What do you think and see?

It would be nice to hear your comments as usual :)

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The filter effect really adds a surreal touch to the painting, @jungwatercolor :) Love the original, also, though ! The pose and serenity of the face is wonderfully captured <3


Thank you @veryspider, it's first one I made on that kind of paper, and to be honest not so happy with it now. Yesterday I was thinking of repeating it again with knowledge I have now. It might be interesting to do something like that :)

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The filtered one has a nice blurry and interesting texture, it feels more dreamy since dreams are a state of mind when things are not really exact and sharp.  


Agree with you 100% @scrawly :)

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It's fascinating to see what lovely results we can expect with digital edition..=))
I used to work a lot digitally, in fact I was a digital artist long before beginning to paint or draw with real tools...LoL...
your digital edition is great, it makes travel in the face in different ways...that's cool ! ^_^

Hello @jungwatercolor,
Your watercolour technique is outstanding so is your digital alteration.

It's interesting to see the different stories that are evoked between the two illustrations. The first one, to me, seems more like a person floating on the surface of the water while the second one seems more dream-like, or as if we are going through someones mind/memories.


Thank you @la-fumettista, I have similar feelings watching them too, same art seen in different ways.