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Watercolor doesn't have to be only work on paper with watercolors.
It can be so much more.
I have golden inks that I use quite often for details on my watercolors. But I was very interested to know if the golden foil leaves that are used for oil paintings can be used with watercolors.


Answer is simple, yes :)
All you need are golden foil leaves and some glue for it. Glue is catch. You need glue made for gluing golden foil. Not some other. It just wont work good.
And yes, you need patience. Since those thin and light leaves are so fragile and gentle and they fly around. Don't ask me how I know.

Since the areas I glued them were small, some of them teared into smaller pieces. But, than I used some watercolor over them. And for that parts I need to wait like one day to become dry, since the leaves are not absorbent.

At the end I was satisfied with outcome.


Thank you all and stay well!



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