🎨 Fly away/watercolor portrait/ step by step 👣

in art •  last year

For those who are following me know that I usually work on Fabriano paper, kind I know well how will react with color and water.
This autumn I came across some sale of Canson papers in block and since the price was ok I took two of them. My experience taught me if I see something good and not expensive buy more, because sometimes I came across some things and they turn out to be great and when I go back to buy more, they are already gone..
Let's say I have ''hamster'' syndrome of collecting materials for work :)


Since the paper was new to me I was not in a rush with finishing this portrait. Waited longer for color to dry completely to see final result and not to be surprised with outcome of work.
Started with pencil drawing as usual when the portrait work is about..
At first idea was to add some trees in the back, but during the work I decided to move them.


At start I thought about background and doing it with sea sponge technique I showed here
just to show how it can be used in this way


And here are the steps of the proces


Birds came as something that went so well with her look



And more going into details and adding stronger colors.


And finally finished one


Must say this Canson paper has very nice surface and grains. Also size I choose quite good for some smaller works.
I recommend it sincerely for those who are in watercolor art.


Hope you find those tips helpful and thank you for watching


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Beautiful painting ! resteemed


Thank you jaro-art and thanks for resteem :)

И рестимовано @jungwatercolor :) Одличан рад.

Veoma je lep portret

Woooow really good!!! I have to exercise more :-)
Love your paintings!!


Thank you art-universe, exercise, I do it all the time :) It's never enough :)

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Код мене лекције из криптовалута, код тебе лекције сликања, @jungwatercolor :)

Хвала за одличну презентацију још једног дела.


:) hvala puno @lighteye, I evo i mene na Sola, sad gledam sta ima tamo :)


Твоје би слике тамо сигурно добро ишле, само је питање колико ће СОЛ вредети у почетку, @jungwatercolor :)


Pa iskreno, malo sam zbunjena interfejsom cak sam nekog nehotice i flegovala pa povukla odma :) Pa sad, koliko god da vredi sol u pocetku obzirom da nista ne ulazem? ako sam dobro shvatila, sve je ok. Ionako imam proizvod, citaj slike a u svakom slucaju mi je u interesu da ih vidi sto vise ljudi a ne da moram nekome da placam reklame ili ono lopovsko bustovanje na fb. I jos jedna stvar, sve ovo mi je uzasno interesantno posto sam radoznala po prirodi i volim da ucim.

very nice portrait!

So beautiful ,i like it :-)

Nice drawing. I like your guidance on paper along with presenting your drawing, sharing some additional tips. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.


thank you and I am happy if you found some of it useful :)


Ofcourse I liked that, thank you.

Very nice painting and description of how you did ita,

looks very 'smooth'....love it :-)

Perfect work! It is immediately evident how much people love to draw!


Yes, you are right sometimes love for drawing can be easily seen :) Thank you for kind words!

Your work takes my breath away. Simply wonderful : )


And I am always happy to hear that you like my work :)

Very beautiful. I am in awe of your skillful work. Hope to see some originals eventually!


Same here, hope someday will see those magnificent glass works in live :)


Really well done!


Thank you @elainetheinsane!


Your quality post caught my attention and I hope you benefit from my resteem. My followers have a refined appreciation for quality art. You might also enjoy my curated collection. To see the quality posts I have curated via resteem, see my blog @pixresteemer. If you want to know more about me and my mission, please check my introduction.

Great work!


thank you so much @airmatti :) just love to paint portraits so much..

Awesome work. I love the mystical atmosphere in the painting. The tones of the skin are great. You are a true professional <3


Thank you draga :))))

Wonderful. I like how you documented the progression of the piece.


thank you @william-syrus, I love to share process, maybe it will be helpful to someone.

Seriously gorgeous painting. Thank you for the paper advice too- I have a selection of different papers for different mediums/applications. It is always good here first hand what other artists think about materials.


Yes I agree with you @opheliafu, it's good to change experience and knowledge about materials. Here we have mostly Italian and German brands at offer but one Russian brand I am working with White nights colors are still my favorite. There are several brands I would like to try like Daniel Smith colors but no one is importing them still. As regards papers somehow Fabriano is something I learned to work with but let say Hahne Muler papers are also great. Thank you for your comment :)

Fantastic artwork, you are sooo good!!! :-)


thank you @carolineschnell :) I love to paint portraits, that's all :)


And really well:-)))

Omg, I adore the way you make those colour layers ❤


thank you @opheliapoe, it's because I use lot of water with colors :)