🎨 Dreaming / watercolor portrait/step by step

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Hi guys,

looks like I am in a work mood lately, a lot :)
More work, less Steemit :(
Here is new watercolor portrait I managed to make photos of work process.
Paper is this Hahnemuhle 425gr, and as much I hated it when I tried it first time, now, when figured out how to work on it, I work only, at least while I have it :)


For this one I soaked whole paper in water for few minutes, to get wet equally, waited again for several minutes again and than started work.
Previous pencil sketch was made, you can see it on photo.


While the paper is wet colors go nicely and spread over paper. During that process you need to pay attention since colors can go on side you don't wont them to go. So use some paper tissue to collect it from that parts.



Now, all you have to do is work :) Step by step, adding colors and thinking how to leave drawing in correct place.


And here is finished one.
This one came out pretty quickly, not sure is it my work mood or just it was moment I felt great...or just so many years of hard work are paying out.
Hope you like it too, as much as I do :)


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Sublime subtlety, the play of light reflecting those gorgeous skin tones is gorgeous. A prime example of how less is more


Thank you so much for this beautiful comment @stuffing, and yes, less is more, just it's thin line between them, so easy to cross :)

Another beautiful and peaceful art from you, Dunja. I really love that calming and dreamy look that your characters usually express in the painting, because the feelings transfer somewhat to me when I look at them :).        


What to say @scrawly, except one huge Thank you!!!


I like looking at your picture, I hope you are not bored reading my comments even if they say something similar :).

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Wow! The colors are so realistic! Beautifully created!

Very beautiful, @jungwatercolor ! The delicate layers of colours are simply wonderful!!! I love it <3


Thank you @veryspider, glad you like it :))

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Wow, I love it! It's so soft and she looks so peaceful <3


Thank you @almarlene, it's something i am trying to achieve lately, images of peace.

Fabulous. Loving the way you approach watercolor, managing to handle the color with such grace and restraint. So often I see watercolorists over-paint, but your way is refined, elegant, playful, and skillful.


Thank you and yes you are right, I am not fan of too much and than going into gouache almost..Maybe it's because I love this technique and been doing it for years now and using maybe themes that are not so watercolor , like not doing still lives and landscapes :) Thank you for this nice comment @cabelindsay :)



THANK YOU :))))))

Awesome piece. I ushusally do not work with water colour and your works always show me the great things that can be done with this medium. Thank you for the inspiration. Maybe one day I will try as well ;)


@yoganarchista, I see watercolor as medium that also can be used to show all images, but somehow people connect it with certain themes, still life and landscapes...and it's much much more..Watercolor asks for lot of practice but also gives back lot pleasure, so try it, you will enjoy it :)

As usual, when I watch one of your watercolor I have no words! Fantastic, simply fantastic! There's a sort of poetic touch in your style, I love it so much!


Thank you, these works I am posting lately hope will be exhibited next year, and I am working with silence and peace subject a lot. Looks like I need it too @silviabeneforti, I think it's reason why these moments are present in my watercolors.

Wowzzerz, Teach me!

This is amazing and pure, love it!

If I said I miss paper and brush, it would be a lie. But I greatly envy those who "dirty their hands"so to speak. Exemplary work and a very educating step by step. Followed you instantly!

You have such a beautiful way with watercolors!

This is soooo beautiful. I can see she is dreaming

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