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Idol talaga kita master!!! 😁😁😁

he is the cutest! Wala kpa ding kupas sa pagdrawing haha


Naks! Salamat jie mas kyut ka hahahaha

It's a talent to be able to draw so well! I wish good luck in the project!


Thanks for the support :)

Great job done, and you chose an amazing combination to draw and in my opinion you have done great job and i don't know why but this art is reflecting the essence of cuteness. You have great talent, so keep up the great work and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂


thanks buddy :D


Welcome. 🙂

Genial @julstamban muestras tu talento y profesionalismo. Los detalles son muy buenos, ya quiero ver la pieza finalizada en color.

very nice

funny illustration!:)

You showed your talent. Well done. Your images is unbelievable.

Chopper!!! :) I love chopper.. I have some really quick one piece drawings on my page too :)

upvoted and followed

This is a beautiful drawing, nice to see fellow pencil artists here, do check me out too.

you've got a delightful art)

I like your sketch @julstamban, let me resteem and follow you. Greetings from me