Reminder: Sunrise/Sunset Photo Contest 20 SBD Prizepool!

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and sunrises.

Sorrento Sunset

For the fourth contest I have increased the total prize pool 20 SBD.

To promote this contest I will hand out 20 SBD to my top 10 favourites. The deadline is Sunday, 10 September 23:59 (UTC).


Only share your own work
Use the hashtag sunsetcontest
2 entries per contestant
State which camera used
Title should contain: (location) + sunset/sunrise (e.g. Durgerdam sunrise)

Luckily every day has both a sunrise and sunset so plenty of opportunity for everyone. Have fun and good luck!

Follow me for your daily dosis of photographs. A new photograph every other hour.

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Hi!! this is my two entries:

Santiago (Dominican Republic) Sunset

Taken with BLU Studio 5.0

Thanks for this competition.
I did post my yesterday on my blog,hope you enjoy it.

I love sunset competitions :D


That makes at least two!

I wish i had a good camera!


A DSLR is a bit of an investment yes, however to get into photography you can start with just your mobile phone camera.

great competion, thanks @juliank


Glad you enjoy the competition :D

Wishing everyone luck always exciting entering competitions the link to my 2 entries. Thank you @juliank

Here are my entries

including both sunrise...

and sunset...

Here is my entry for the sunset contest:

I hope I did it right. Have a nice day :)

Here is my entries to the sunsetcontest:

Hope i did it right this time. Thank you. Have a lovely day :)