Resources for artists on the blockchain / Ultimate Guide part 1:

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Welcome to my ultimate guide for artists who use the blockchain! I have been meaning to do this series for a while as a way to make the entrance into this wonderful technology a little smoother and less confusing for artists. I will be covering each resource/dapp/platform in an individual post and at the end I will combine them all together as an index for easy sharing.


For part 1 I have decided to cover as it is relatively simple to use for a beginner in crypto!

Browsing art on Steemit isn't always easy, people aren't consistent with tag use and there is also a lot of abuse in each category so it can be a bit frustrating. You may need to look through various tags such as art, painting, drawing, creativity etc. and even then you will probably find a lot of things that aren't even art :/

This is where niche platforms like elegance can really shine by bringing you a simple way to browse content.

How to use it?

To use this site you first need to get a Steemit account (here: Once you have your account, simply use your private posting key to login through steemconnect.

If you don't know what a private posting key is please see this post I made on key safety! This is very important! Key Safety

The elegance platform is very intuitive and easy on the eyes, once you are logged in it looks like this:

Screen Shot 20181122 at 3.21.52 PM.png

As you can see it displays the art full sized in the thumbnail with no cropping on vertical images!

Just click the little pen to write a post and hit submit!

Benefits of using Elegance

As I mentioned above the main benefit is that it is very simple and easy to use and makes it especially easy to only browse art without having to filter out irrelevant posts.

The second benefit is the curation. @elegance votes artists from their own account but they also work with @appreciator so it can be nice to get an extra boost of appreciation on your post :D

Since they only request your posting key it is very safe to use. On the flipside this means you can't use the interface for making transfers but this is a small price to pay for account security.

Visit and make your first post!

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Thank you for this! Another good one that I've found is

It's based on the ethereum blockchain, great for artists.


I actually just started posting some art for sale there, I will be sure doing an exclusive post about it :)

it's good to know about it! thank's!;)

Thank you. This is a information very useful. I didn't know of this Web site

Whoa I like it. Gives me a very Pinterest vibe but more geared towards artwork like a DeviantArt.

Great read! Thank you @juliakponsford

Hi, @juliakponsford!

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Thanks for the information! It's good to know simpler methods to find things directly related to art and avoid wasting so much time with things that are not what we are looking for