ART EXPLOSION WEEK 27: Theme TECHNOLOGY/ 25 STEEM in prizes / all forms of art welcome!

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Here we are again folks, ART EXPLOSION, THIS IS WEEK 27! The theme this week is TECHNOLOGY! This is fairly open ended so interpret this as you please. All forms of art are acceptable, painting, illustration, photography, music, poetry, a story a comic or any other medium you choose, be creative and surprise me!
Once again we have a special sponsor and guest judge: @vachemorte who will be helping me judge! The total prize pool this week is 25 steem!

Please note: in the interest of fairness, we have a new rule, we are accepting new artwork only. This is somewhat on the honour system as we can't always verify but showing a process would be helpful!

The Rules

  • Upvote and Resteem this post
  • Make some art (max two entries per person and please new art only)
  • Make a post of your own for your entry (add artexplosion in the tags)
  • In your post describe your medium/process a bit
  • Link it here in the comments obviously so I can find it.
  • All entries must be submitted before Sunday February 11th at 3PM EST.

We'll be choosing the winners based on whatever tickles and touches us the most!

This is not a requirement but it would be a nice gesture to view the other entries and upvote them if you like so we can support each other and pass this on to any artists or friends you think may be interested :)

I can't wait to see what you create!

See the winners of the previous week HERE.

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Thank you!

Looks cool thanks, did you make a post?

Hola si, disculpa, fue mi error, olvide publicar el link, pero enseguida lo hago.

Thanks again mr nakamoto!

Entry noted thank you!

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I love this contest

We'll be choosing the winners based on whatever tickles and touches us the most!

I love this.
Will participate.

Cool I hope you do!


Oh noooo... My paintings are so untechnological 😄 (I am with you @donnadavisart ) But I am super curious to see the contributions

Hmm even if you are not usually techy I leave it pretty open to interpretation, it could be about anti-tech as well ;)

Ok... you started a thinking process 😊 Now I want to participate, but I am unsure if the time will last. I will try.

love this topic! good luck everyone!

Thanks yojoshi !

Here is my entry to his week, sorry for posting it too late, but my internet explorer was updating for along time, hahahaha, hope you like it:

No problem the contest goes until Sunday :)

Thanks for the entry!

Hello there, this is my interpretation of technology :) Hope you like it!

Entry noted thank you!

Entry noted thank you nina!

Entry noted thank you!

This will be a new one for me, I'm more old school. I'm thinking steam punk might have to be involved, is that technology?

Sure it counts in my book :)

Thanks eduardo!

Thanks lewis!

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Thank you, but you linked back to this contest did you make a post?

  • I found the post but you may want to link it here in case other entrants want to see it also!

My bad. Corrected the mistake. Thanks for pointing it out!

Thanks for entering!

Thanks losthippie :)

Thanks for joining :D

I realized that you can enter two things, so I thought maybe it would be fun to just show my process study which I posted about. I upvoted, resteemed this post.
Here is the post about it here:

And here is the study which is pencil/watercolour. I am still entering the main piece for which this study was made, but that won't be done until Sunday. I hope you like it. :)


Great idea I can't wait to see the final piece!

Thanks yoogy!

Hey there! this is my first entry, it´s a piece of sound, a tech world soundtrack (or something like that). This is the steemit link

And the dsound link :)

Cool I can't wait to hear!

Ticket to the past - Abandoned Amusement Park

Full story:

Thanks axeman!

Phew, I finished. And a day early! Here is my entry piece entitled: "The Spirit of Technology".

Here is the post about it.

And here is the finished piece.


Awesome thanks Donna!

Hmmm Intriguing :)

Thank you!


Here is my entry, thank you for the opportunity!