Celebrating the Colour BLUE!! Enchanted by the hidden wonder of the seabed.

in art •  3 months ago 

Hello friends!
I want to share a drawing that I made on occasion to the new contest of @deemarshall on a specific color, this time it is the turn of the blue color =)
A very beautiful color that I associate much with the harmony, relaxation and the immensity of the sky. Of course, everyone has their opinion about what this color means to each one ...
I wanted to draw a marine world, but not only wanted to highlight that, I wanted to do something else, so I added a sailor submerged in the bottom of the sea, which is very delighted to be surrounded by the wonder that is under the sea and in love with a beautiful mermaid ...
I hope you like my illustration =)


Drawing process:




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Submerged in blue! A great idea :)

Thanks! =)