Artstorm Contest # 88 Day 3 - 'Arts' Week - Theme Today - Sculpting

in art •  13 days ago 

Hello friends! Today I share my drawing on sculpture for the contest promoted by @deemarshall
When I'm going to sculpt something, there will always be many colors, that fascinates me and more when I see my hands stained with paints =)
I almost always make masks, especially when they are times of cultural celebrations, such is the case of this drawing that is a sample of the result of one of the many masks that I make using a balloon to which I add newspaper to it I add sticks with water , after a good time in the open air, I burst the balloon so that only the shape with the material is placed. Meanwhile, I make a mixture of cornstarch with newspaper and hot water to form a paste which will be used to sculpt the mask ...
Thanking @organduo and @laputis for their support of the contest =)

diablos danzantes de yare.jpg

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