Artexplosion 78: Deep ocean

in #art5 years ago

Greetings friends!
Can you imagine that there are strange creatures deep in the ocean?
I have always imagined that beyond those we have already seen through the internet or television, there are others and perhaps with the anatomy similar to ours ... but good ... that is already falling into the idea of fantasy .. .
Here is a small illustration that I made on occasion to the contest promoted by @juliakponsford on this topic of the deep ocean ...




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Intriguing interpretation of sea people, particularly the idea of tentacles – it puts me in mind of Ursula in Disney's The Little Mermaid. I really like your use of the color splash treatment.

NOTES: The foreshortened perspective of the diver is a bit off. The composition of the sea people looks incomplete. And, there's no indication where the tentacles are coming from; they seem to be more of an afterthought than limbs of the sea people.

Hi =)
If, in fact, the illustration is incomplete, I could not finish it due to lack of time ... I plan to complete it ...
Thanks for the corrections =)

I look forward to seeing the completed illustration

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