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Hello guys,

Little portrait drawing session with my wife today. Our subject of the day was the famous IT Crowd character Maurice Moss.


We like to both draw the same portrait and compare at the end. This was my attempt 30 minutes in.


Then final result...


And the version of my wife below.


We haven't done this for a while so it's not perfect. But the time spent together drawing is what's the most precious. It was definitely a ton of fun.

One you like better? Any suggestions of portrait s? We'd love to know.

Please leave your thoughts below.

See you on the other side.



Both versions offer an equal likeness to the reference, so from a technical standpoint they are tied. As far as which one is "better" depends on the viewer's preference of style. The pen version is crisp and sharp, giving the portrait a certain seriousness and intensity. The pencil version shows a more sensitive side, or a more "vintage" or "old-timey" kind of vibe, if that makes sense(?). Personally, I like both 🙂

oh a comment. Thanks for the input. We do have very different styles. I used a mechanical pencil and she used a good old wooden pencil so that's part of it. It's better not create any family drama. 'Both good' is the reasonable thing to say!

Wow, your mechanical pencil looks so sharp on my screen, I really thought it was pen. Nicely done! LOL, yes, both are good. It's great to enjoy actual quality time with family and loved ones, a true blessing. Thanks for sharing!

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