Funding Shades Of Men - Update #10

in #art4 years ago (edited)


Hello everyone,

Just a quick heads up as I finished the thumbnail for the next page. The action continues but it's even more than I expected. Turns out you can't draw a compeling gun fight in only one page! Kind of knew that already...


The thing is I had planned the usual 11 pages for this final chapter and as I said before I'm trying my best to stick with it. But, guess what... we're now 2 pages behind compared to my script!

When I say script, it's not that detailed. See the chapter mapped out below.


So this is the thumbnail for page 6 and it's decribed in step 4. I wasn't lying!

I guess the finale needs to be epic. Nothing in the coming pages I can remove, so I'm going with the flow.

We're now up to 13 pages! Hopefully it'll all fit in now. I wouldn't want the story to be too unbalanced.

What do you say? You are thinking an epilogue? Oh no!

I'll keep you posted for sure.

See you on the other side,


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