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Hi guys
I'm up with a new piece i've worked on titled abandoned


I've been busy with my examinations for a while now; however here's something new from today's paper draftmanship.
There were basically two questions to choose from;

  • Depict the term "dilema"
    Medium; waterbased acrylic on paper

  • Depict the term "abandoned"
    Medium: unlimited

Of course i opted for the later possibly because i love the word unlimited; It offers me the opportunity of expressing myself and i must say it was fun all the way 😊


I'd thought drawing an old abandoned car would go well with having the question answered, so i came up with this👆....
Your feedback on what you think of this would be appreciated.
materials used

  • white cardboard paper
  • Black ballpoint pen

Hope you find this meaningful, thanks for reading. JPEG_20180426_083329.jpg


great stuff! i like the shading, soft next to hard, cool contrast and pretty sweet control on ballpoint pen! upvote & follow!

That's cool friend, thanks for appreciating 💞

This is beautiful! Why didn't you use the #bigwaves tag though?

Oww... I'll use that on my next post

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