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Wanna join me on my crazy drawing escapade? lol, I'll take you there.....
Today, i decided to be a true definition of a good Nigerian student by getting my ass stuck to my seat till late this evening and there, that's exactly the problem cause I've ended up being a bit nerdy in my quest to be a lil more productive with my life. 😁


Oh please! don't mind the looks of the table.... That's what i get for sharing the school studio with some funny dudes.

The inspiration behind this is not far fetched as i didn't have to get too worked up over how to get about this particular illustration..... To be more precise, the profile view of this friend @stephenvictor gave me all the vibes neccessary for this drawing. He's a new steemian though, but you can still look up his blog and give him a follow.

Given the way his neck is positioned, as well as the structure of his face, pulling this off has been more than fun most especially considering the fact that i had to generate a lot of things which would fit in with the illustration best as i could.
So, i thought i should kick start by pulling off that red cap and replacing it with the afro-pop hairstyle which i love so much.

Getting the beards a bit more tangled in a perewinkle-like way came out satisfactorily and for the neck, i would say i love the whole idea of having it stretched out almost to full length though i wouldn't imagine a real human's neck getting more elongated than the usual lol...

To get this done, i made use a black ballpoint pen and my most favorite technique(the cross-hatching method); this works by double crossing or repeatedly making random lines in a cross-like manner during the drawing process.


Well... the border line is that i'm short of a suitable theme for this piece, and that doesn't sound so good at the very least since I'll be giving it out for submission anytime soon...
Initially, I've thought of using the title rocks star; however i don't feel that suits this well enough.
Would be great to have some relative contributions or better still some more preferable title for our little man; please share your thoughts in the comments section, i'd really appreciate it.
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Would be great to have you check this out.

Thanks a great deal for reading, please upvote, resteem and follow to support. much love;


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Do you always have to be this pretty all the time? Wow!. Cutie pie!.

Nice concept to twitch it a little bit. I still need to take a peep into your head. You are really good darling. Really proud of you. Well done.

You sure do know how to leave a smile behind; thanks hun.
A twitch is always neccessary once in a while

You are incredibly smart. Miss you love.

This drawing is awesome! You're the best!
My title is "Wounded soul". This is born from it's facial expression and that cigarette in the mouth!

That's a good one; he must've gone through a lot of ordeal to attract the title..... Thanks lots for your contribution, it's appreciated.

You're welcome

Beautiful work, as always! I just love your drawing - amazing abilities. Thanks so much for sharing them!

Thanks friend; it's always great to have you come around....glad i'm not on this alone

Another great piece. Your works are always amazing . Thank you for sharing :)

You're welcome and thanks for stopping by

Hello @joyart, I just want to say first of all , I love your hair! And your absolutely gorgeous, Ahhh... to be young again ! My hair used to be way down passed my butt, and my husbands hair was down to the middle of his back. This was in the late seventies, we were a hippie looking couple with bell bottom pants and headbands, It was fun! I love long hair. Anyways, another beautiful work of art, I like the cartoonist style you used here on this piece. I would title this “Hopelessness.” because it looks like he’s looking straight at it.

Hello @joyart, I just want to say first of all , I love your hair! And your absolutely gorgeous, Ahhh... to be young again !

Hope I'm permitted to smile, cause i'm doing so right now.
The maroon colour wasn't exactly my style at first, but i guess I'm loving it more especially now that I've gotten another beautiful.... I bet you and your husband were such an adorable pair in your time and i must say i love the sound of that.

Thanks a great deal for the compliment and contribution, can't love it any less 💝

Your Beeeeeautiful @joyart

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Oh my!
That's great; thanks lots, I'm extremely grateful.

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