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Hi guys
Here's what I've been up to admist my busy schedule in the past few days; she's "ke xu" founder of the ONO social network.
Haven't heard about it? You can read up here👇

Trying my hands on this is something i seem to have neglected in a while; guess i was a bit conscious about having to deal with the hair....
Well, i don't know about you, but i feel hairs do demand a special kind of attention and patience especially if a realistic effect is expected.

Lets take a look at the reference
source: Telegram

This was just a perfect photo to improve my skills with and that seems like a lot of achievement 😊
progress shots:







materials used
Black ink
Black ballpoint pen
Cardboard paper

Thanks for reading; much love


Great work. Honestly- when It scrolled onto my feed I thought 'wow- check out the hair- incredible' and then I read your post and couldn't believe that was the bit you'd worried about. Really lovely detail. And I love how you have taken the reference and really made the work your own style. E x

The hair was really something to worry about cause it wasn't like the random African hair i was used to drawing...
Though i'd finished other parts of the drawing, i had to keep it at someplace and take a look at it ocassionally so i'd know how to deal with the hair 😊

Anyways i'm glad it didn't come out looking awk ward like i thought, and I'm even more grateful you spared some time to check this out... Thanks a great deal @eveningart

Hey great piece @joyart. Thanks a lot for being on Steem so I can see it.

Thanks even more for checking this out @dandays 💙

Well done on the hair. The finished drawing is terrific. The only thing I would note is that the brows are very heavy in the drawing. As an artist myself, brows have always been problematic for me to render in portraiture too.

I found your link in self-promotions on the @curie Discord chat.

That's a good observation friend; i noticed that i actually applied more ink than neccessary and there was no turning back since the deed had already been done 😀

It's good to have you come around, thanks lots @momzillanc

This is really good! Keep up the good art work ✨

Thanks dear..... i wouldn't mind

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Thanks @isaria & @minnowsupport, I'm grateful

I think you overcame the hair challenge you set for yourself, it looks very good, an excellent work.

Thanks lots friend...
Glad it came out looking good

Wow you have amazing talent for portraits! Keep up the lovely work! Followed you and looking forward for more amazing art!

Thanks dear, you'll definitely see more

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