Discovering creativity through art

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I believe that the flexibility to create art, whether or not drawing, painting, sculpture, music etc.... is an associate inherent human attribute.
Anyone who makes the statement “I am not creative” is wrong; sounds like You've never tried.

We are hard-wired for power, however it's simply a matter of honing it to a selected craft.
it may turn out to be one among the foremost satisfying feelings you'll have (giving life to one thing original from within you) to share with the globe strictly for intrinsic worth.
Not convinced about being an associate creative person yet? Here’s a few facts to look into:

  1. You’ll get to meet attention-grabbing individuals and create real connections.
    Art could be a nice way to gap up for every individual and a secured way to connect with people from similar niche.

  2. Digital technologies modify you to simply share your results with the planet
    Whether you’re into music, photography or visual art, it’s currently as simple as clicking a mouse to share your results with thousands, even a lot of individuals. even though your art isn’t digital art, you can simply take an image, create a video, or create a recording and share it on-line.

  3. there's no wrong answer;
    You can create something you like, and if it's pleasing to you, it's a triple-crown.
    You may not even need to share it with the planet, as it could be a pleasure to form your art based on intrinsic reasons.
    This depends on your personal choice.

  4. change of state is art, writing is art, comedy is art, photography is art, husbandry is art…
    Art is absolutely in everything no matter how you make it out to be.
    The definition is thus wide open; what I’m having access to isn't imposed in your thinking of what art is; there's need to realize which inventive outlet goes along with your temperament as well as what comes naturally and it'll help apprehend what's right for you.

  5. you'll get to learn things regarding yourself you didn’t apprehend even through the times you spent, engaged in your inventive tasks; your thoughts and outlook are shifted into a state of complete freedom from stress, anxiety and negativity.
    Having a flow of expertise are a few things on the far side words.

  6. Need for systematical growth;
    One of the foremost profitable things regarding creating art is the indisputable fact that it's never complete, and once you get deep into it, you'll begin to see the need for an intense personal development.

  7. creating art is like a final brain boost;
    Once engaged in a sort of art, your mind can perpetually be churning with new thoughts, ideas and imaginations; undergoing creative thinking and actively making your art is one way to maintain a mental boost.

Art's an associate outlet for excessive
Feeling annoyed, depressed, anxious or
angry? Art is that associate/personal
expert throughout nerve-wracking

Art is a wonderful foundation where anyone can get to build a neighborhood of their lives.
No matter what variety of art you create, it's one among the foremost fulfilling stuff you will do as an acutely aware and artistic person.

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This piece is informative & thoughtful. Did you involve any book(s)?

Thanks lots @samal. This is generated from personal experience and continuous accumulation of knowledge recieved from my daily art classes....
Glad you find this positive; sends off some pretty good vibes.

There is a creator in every one of us! :)

Sure, there is 💙

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