An original painting [Exploring with acrylic ]

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Painting with acrylic could be quite exhausting if you're trying for the first time.
They are fast drying paints which may be used directly from tubes, just like oil paints, or diluted with water, like watercolour and could be very versatile, thereby giving the artist varieties of textures, colors and consistency.
However, you need to be aware of how quickly they dry, as it could be frustrating to maneuver during the painting process....

Screenshot_2018-05-04-13-57-18.pngReference: instagram

Here's the reference to my painting from last year.
I'd seen this on a friends page, and of course didn't want to miss making something lovely out of it and most importantly to suit my style & taste.

Initially, when i'd tried painting this, there were issues regarding how to manage the colour effectively to my advantage cause it kept drying off continuuosly, without warning and way too quickly.
A good way to simply avoid this is misting the paint with water during the painting process depending on the surface you are working on, and making sure to water it enough so it'll last a while.

Thanks for reading; much love


cool, i really like the reflection in the glasses

Thanks friend, i really appreciate it

This is incredible Joy......i love the way you treated the hair and glasses, 😍 Superb!

Thanks huni, i feel blessed 😇😇

Nice work.

Thank you

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Hi @joyart, I love this acrylic portrait. I’ve also found that acrylic portraits are hard to deal with, the misting, is a great idea! Im so glad I came to check your blog to see what you’ve been doing lately. I’ve seen I have missed a lot. I thought about your beautiful portraits as I posted a drawing of my two children when they where much younger, on Steemit Art Centre. It’s a good thing your usernames very easy to remember. Good luck with all you do ❣️Blessings friend

Thanks a lot friend, I've been choked up with lots of thing s that i barely have much time to spare; however, i'm really grateful you stopped by....
Thanks once again.

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