Daily Warmup Sketch No.10

in #art4 years ago

Today's sketch is of @ bellamiie (on instagram)

Daily Warmup Sketch No.10




Let's have a blast, come follow me! :D

So nice!

Do you make portraits from the photo or is that all your imagination?

Great work, very cool to see the process!

Thanks :D :D

Was going to write "love the lips"... but then added "...and the eyes" then decied that I cant forget "... and the hair" , so all in all - thats a masterfull sketch all around. cheers

Ahahaha tysm!

wow this is amazing! you made this using procreate?

Yes indeed I did :D

no idea if I should wish that my first born daughter looks like this or be as talented as you ~ 😄🌟 ~

Aww shucks :3

Brushing created a tremendous artistic-realistic work. Speechless dear.

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