Acrylic painting by my wife!

in #art5 years ago (edited)


My wife doesn't have the confidence to show off her artwork, so I'm doing it for her 😁

This is an acrylic painting done in 2013. It was supposed to be part of a 3 piece set, but she only got around to doing 2. (Don't worry, I'll show the other one later!) it was done over the course of a few weeks in between caring for the kids. I wish she painted more, but with 5 kids it's hard to find time to do anything!


One more thing, @johnnydonuts. I wanted to "boost" your post but I read the terms and they are specific about wanting more than a sentence of text. Help me to help you by writing more about the pieces you feature. Like, did she use watercolors? What inspired her to make this painting? How long did it take her? Did you give her feedback? That kind of thing. It really makes a difference.

Thank you. I updated this post and will make sure I add more of a description to futures posts of her work. Turns out this is acrylic, not oil. Shows how much I know! Corinthia, my wife, kind of shrugged it off when I said I was going to share her paintings on here, but when I told her it's getting a positive response I could see the spark in her eye. I wish she had more time to paint.

Wonderful! Well done, friend!

I think she did an amazing job, @johnnydonuts, and crows are my favorite subjects in artwork. Let's resteem and see what happens!

Would be nifty if steemians offer steem for some of your spouse's work. Hehe ^~^

Love it! Keep posting her work (;

Beautifully executed, I love the silhouette of the painting and the fact that the bird are not all going one direction. It makes the painting more realistic

Wow, it is so beautiful. It is not easy to be a wife and at the same time a mother of five kids. She really tried

She's the hardest working person I know.

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A well executed and interesting painting...Regards: @averageoutsider Have a happy day.

that is amazing, i wish i had such artistic talent. alot of detail on tree and crows

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