Pixel Art Weekly! Round 18 Theme Announcement! Win Steem!

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Welcome back my fellow steemians to another round of
Pixel Art Weekly!!

Congratulations to both
for their tie on Round 17!

Looking forward to seeing you two battle it out in
Round 18!!

Speaking of battles, let's get into this week's theme announcement.

One of my most favorite moments in video games has always been boss battles.
The moment of defeating an epic boss and dancing around the living room like a fool will never grow old for me.
Having said that...
The theme for Round 18 of
Pixel Art Weekly.....

~The Boss~

(from my own pixel art game Galagan's Island, artwork by @shayne)

(via pinterest.com)

(via DeviantArt.com)

It's time for you Paladins of Pixel to create for us your concept of,
The Boss!
Don't let any of these examples intimidate you, they are simply meant to inspire.

(via knowyourmeme.com)

(via pixeljoint.com)

(via rebloggy.com)

As always, keep in mind that the theme for every round of
Pixel Art Weekly
is interpretive!
Which means that even this....The Boss...is ABSOLUTELY acceptable...and encouraged...

(via twitter.com)

~The Rules~

Welcoming all artists to participate in
Pixel Art Weekly
where your pixel prowess can win you

~Pixel art is a form of digital art, created through the use of software, where images are edited on the pixel level.~

If you are unsure about what defines pixel art, please check out this link....

Contests will begin on Mondays, at which point the theme for the week will be revealed.
On Fridays I will post the top 3 and allow steemit users to vote for the final winner.
Winners will be announced on Sundays and will be rewarded half of all steem raised on that weeks posts.
To participate, contestants must put their entry in the comments below.
They must also upvote and resteem the post.
Tag any and all personal posts regarding your entry with #pixelartweekly
Bonus points will be awarded for animated gifs.
All entries must be original works of art.

Steemit...Keeping Facebook Peanut Butter & Jealous!


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Good one :)


Man I though I had a good idea for a pun, but this was is just awesome!


Nice one haha I also thought of this when I saw the theme was "The Boss" 😂

ha ha. This is very fun. we can enjoy this. according to the reality out there

Here's my entry:


I really dig the simplicity of this one.


Thanks :)

my entry post

There is only one boss, and he's got ALL the flair !

1x link
2x link


That mug though

Let's kick it off with Ragnoros the Firelord from World of Warcraft

He's the best at squashing insects. Or is he?
here's the 100 % version

200 % version


Nice work! Looks like the cockroach escapes his wrath every time. =)

That shark creature looks the best to me. Very intimidating.

LOL - "The Boss" - It took me a minute, but I got it!

Round 18...FIGHT!

Great works, I wish you success

Cannot wait for the new results!

Time for @sargento to fire up GIMP 2.8 and get to work!

Thanks for this @jonny-clearwater! Fun stuff, now to learn how to pixelate with GIMP!

Nice one!
I'll definitely do this round :)

I'm more a viewer than a creator of these type visuals, but I sure enjoy checking out some cool pixel art. Nice contest series @jonny-clearwater!


Thanks Bill!
Shoot me a DM on Twitter.
I'd like to tell you about the video series I'm launching and see if you'd be interested.