Pixel Art Weekly Returns!! Get Prepared For A Steem Monsters Invasion!!

in art •  6 months ago

Good TimeZone Steemit!!

Pixel Art Weekly Is Back!!!

My time was so consumed with my show
Hots Or Shots
that I had to take a little break from running the contest.

I'm proud to announce
that starting this coming Monday
Pixel Art Weekly

We have a special contest lined up for you as well.

I won't reveal the details yet
but I'm excited to say that
Steem Monsters
is involved.

So stay tuned folks and we'll see you on Monday!

Don't forget to watch the newest episode of
Hots or Shots
tomorrow at 6PM EST!

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I do love your show Hots Or Shots, but I am really happy to see that you are back with the pixel art!
Looking forward to see what everybody will come up with! I am sure a few amazing things will peep up and go viral!
Good luck to all and you as well Jonny!


I'd be down! Never see quite enough pixel art on here and if I have the time I'll definitely throw down a submission too.

It's back!!!!!

Whoop, there it is !

All Right! I will have to check it out on Monday @jonny-clearwater , it sounds interesting! Also I will try to catch your show Hots or Shots , I get off work at 7 am tomorrow and sleep all day , so hopefully here in the west I will be able to catch it! See you then! How do you do Pixel Art!? I also just set you up on my auto voter in my @momskitchen account as my main account auto voter is full. So i dont miss upvoting you at least! lol! 👍👍👍😀

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