Pixel Art Weekly Top 3! You Choose The Winner!

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It's that time again.
Time for you to choose the winner for this round of
Pixel Art Weekly!

This week the artists were given the theme of

In no particular order, here is your
Top 3!




Fantastic job by all of you!

Just like Highlander... There can be only one!

Voting Rules

~To cast your vote for the winner of Pixel Art Weekly, you MUST manually type the name of your favorite artist in the comments below~

Upvotes in the comments will NOT be counted!
To Help Prevent Bot Voting, Votes From Inactive Accounts May No Longer Be Counted!!

Now Go Vote For Someone Dammit!


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I vote for @kristyglas! This would look really cool as a background in a game!

How am I supposed to choose if they are all awesome ?!

Tough choice but I'm gonna say @eqko because his pixel art put a smile on my face ^^

Thank you 😊

They're all good however my vote goes to @eqko


I gotta vote for @eqko on this!

Thanks man.

  ·  last year (edited)

Def # two! @eqko

Thanks 😊

My vote is for @kristyglas :)

All 3 are awesome, my vote goes to @kristyglas this time!

Great art here! My vote goes to @kristyglas

I vote for @kristyglas :-)

I vote for @kristyglas her pixel art is out of this world!!

+1 for @kristyglas please:) 💎blink💎

I love all of them but the one made by @oppaniayu just has that little extra touch to it. Congrats to everyone especially whoever wins! Keep being an awesome steemer @jonny-clearwater

Thanks, glad you liked my work

easy choice this time @oppaniayu

i'm voting for @oppaniayu

My vote goes to @oppaniayu :D Great work sir. :D

my vote goes for @oppaniayu

Wow! I vote for @oppaniayu :)

vote for @oppaniayu

Three great entries but I must vote for @oppaniayu

  ·  last year (edited)

@oppaniayu ...the man inside the cave looks great ...that is 3d....and it really gives a person to think....i mean it is creative....i choose the first one.....

  ·  last year (edited)

I vote for me @oppaniayu seems to me that he is the best. But the others are excellent. I found it difficult to make a choice but the contest came on.
By the way @jonny-clearwater . I would like to participate in the next contest

you can, just make some pixel art and enter - you don't need a permission :p

great contest

great to share..

Very biutiful art my friend

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Just for posterity’s sake, because he’s already bagged it and rightfully so, I vote for @oppaniayu. Really great entry. I love @kristyglas’s as well, but @oppaniayu’s 3d effect just knocks it out of the park.

Thank you again, I liked yours as well, you portrayed the era shift of mining so well

~I like your post I traslit to the Indonesian language Untuk memberikan suara Anda untuk pemenang Pixel Art Weekly, Anda HARUS mengetikkan nama artis favorit Anda secara manual di komentar di bawah ini ~ Upvotes di komentar TIDAK akan dihitung! Untuk Membantu Mencegah Bot Voting, Votes From Inactive Accounts Mungkin Tidak Lagi Dipertimbangkan! Sekarang Go Vote Untuk Seseorang Sialan!

what a nice post..keep it up bro

I vote for @kristyglas (for making pixels look glittery).