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Ever since I was a child I've been drawing Dragonball Z characters. They were my favorite anime back then. I can't count how many bond papers i have drawn on just perfecting the style of drawing of manga. I even resorted reading a book of manga "how to draw", I learned a lot with this book and really practiced it since then. One thing I regret more is not drawing more than i usually did, that way I could have been much better. But this is how I draw now. I don't draw often since it takes me about 3 hours to finish 1 drawing complete with shading and all, and I only draw when I'm inspired to draw. And that does not happen often. 

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awsome drawing bro .. likewise DBZ fan .. u got a real talent without any learnings u r drawing so much ,, u shld enhance ur talent n do good with it , cheers mate

thank you man. :) appreciate it..

Wow! Amazing talent!

thank you maam :)

Haha! Ako liwat Disney princess. Hehe

Wow! You're hiding some kind of talent there bro..😊

I remember this one :) Awesome drawing :)

sayang ung iba teh.. nayolanda :(

just like my brother and couzin brothers they love drawing 😊

yeah.. boys love to draw :)

thank you maam :)

This was one of my fave series!

Very nice.

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