Pixel Spirit : A Deck of Cards to Learn Graphical Code

in art •  2 years ago

A project from Patricio Gonzalez Vivo that sets an arrangement of Tarot cards for learning graphical code, where images on each card have their particular code on their back:


Every one of this cards, show a visual component (in their front) together with the GLSL shader code that creates it (on their back). At last, this components can be reused and joined to make a vast visual dialect. This set of cards is a device for learning, a library and a prophecy.

one.jpg oneon.jpg

The cards are requested as an unfurling continuum that goes from effortlessness to unpredictability, from obscurity to light, so it can be learned and retained effectively. Likewise, through this movement, the cards will show new capacities, growing a library of capacities that can be reused and consolidated like a versatile book of spells. Inside the 50 cards of this deck you will discover the 22 leader arcana, the hereditary originals of the conventional Tarot deck, the intelligence of this intense cards will direct you.


You can discover more and get your own here : pixelspiritdeck.com

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