ONO Sky Garden

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Let's take a trip to the Sky Garden! It's the place where everyone is your friend and pleasant dreams come true. Doesn't that sound nice?

No one on this earth knows the future; we will always be in the present. That's by design. And it's a good design. Yet we have been given a mind to capture a vision--just a glimpse--of paradise. Therefore we can imagine (as well as read in the Bible) about a good and bright future while working hard to make it so... based on clear standards of good and evil. Don't you want to go to that land? That's the land where I am bound. And I am going to see my savior in that land. And I hope to see you there too!

For those wondering what that little blue character in my drawing is all about, that's the ONO mascot. As a cross between Instagram, Telegram, and Steemit, ONO is a smartphone blogging app where creative users earn cryptocurrency for responsible and cool publishing activity. I have been posting comics and drawings on ONO as a pre-alpha tester and continue to be quite impressed. For the record, I do not see Steemit and ONO as competitors. I see ONO as a complimentary platform to Steemit. When you get the ONO app, feel free to use my invitation code: ADZF

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Beautiful sky garden great to look at that : )

really digging this art style, especially the tonal paper and the use of color! Also didn't know about Ono, thanks for the rec! I checked the site and it looks to be in Chinese? Is there an English version? How easy is it to navigate?


Thanks. I am glad you like my work. Regarding ONO, yes there is an English version. Once you get the app you select your language and country code. It is a fine app.