Bunny Go Time

in art •  6 months ago

When we "go," we find out things we'd never know!
Things that stay still can be nice. There will always be a time and place for that. Because our eyes and bodies are also wired for motion, things that “go” can be more obviously exciting. As a little kid I had always been fascinated with things that look cool and then go fast. Whether it be little bunnies or horses or cars or any other vehicle, such things capture our fascination to travel and explore and move throughout time and space.

The same can be true with art. I like creative work that can help our imaginations get up and go. Preferably I want to go to places that are inspiring, calling me higher in my commitment to being a good neighbor, being a good example, and honoring God with my life. Let’s go!

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So cute.... time to go little bunny :D