Blockhead Gear

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Blockhead Gear takes crypto wearables to a whole new level. Imagine being able to mine cryptocurrency using only your brain power and some fancy adaptive high-tech headgear. Would you make money? Probably. Would it result in an unending amount of disruptive mental side effects that could destroy your life? Definitely. Nevertheless, Blockhead Gear is sure to be the hottest crypto hardware device ever... hot enough to fry your mind. Get yours today!

I drew and animated this comic as a satire on relationships and cryptocurrency mining methods. Finally there exists a comic that explains cryptocurrency from the deep recesses of the mind! This art has been issued on the SuperRare market and you can bid on this animation and even own it as a limited edition piece of very rare digital art. Just don't fry your mind in the techno-savvy process.

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Get yours today!

Where, where? Where can I get one?!

Putting toilet plungers on your ears doesn’t seem sanitary...And I imagine you’ll probably have to walk sideways to get through doorways.

Does it come in different colors?

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Literally laughing out loud at your comment! Thank you.