A Long Infinity War for Thor

in art •  4 months ago

One of my favorite characters from the Marvel Universe is Thor. It's not just the flashy costume of his, but also his power as well as the intense relationship he has with his father. Despite really liking this character and in my younger days being an avid reader of The Might Thor comic book series, I realized something surprising recently; I have either never drawn him, or rarely have I ever drawn him.

Therefore to rectify the situation, here is a funny Thor parody cartoon. Those of you who know about the epic Infinity War from the Avengers comic books and movie empire will perhaps gain an extra chuckle out of this superhero satire. And take special note of what this mighty hero is holding. Is it his famous hammer... or a mobile speaker on a stick... or perhaps both.

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your Thor is so great ;)

great art work dear joechiappetta :x


That's thorlicious ;)


New word to me... it's catchy.

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