A coffee break with Aesop part VIII

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The Jackdaw and the Pigeons

A jackdaw, which is a kind of crow, once noticed a group of well fed pigeons in a pigeon keep enjoying a protected life and living happily together. These enticing arrangements were too good to pass up. He decided he would like to join them, so he whitened his feathers and snuck in to their flock just as it was getting dark. No one seemed to notice; by being quiet he was able to blend in. But gradually, he became bolder and his gratified chuckling at his good fortune began to draw some attention. It wasn't long before he forgot himself completely and let out his natural caw. His voice betrayed him instantly. The pigeons, furious they had been deceived, drove him out in shame. Unfortunately, when he tried to rejoin his former jackdaw comrades, they had seen what he had been up to as some white flecks still clung to his feathers. They wanted nothing more to do with him and he was forever shunned from their clan.

By changing ourselves to have what others possess, trying to be what we are not, we may lose what we do have.

illustration © Johanna Westerman

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Congrats! You seem to be rocking it here on Steemit. Great illustration.


Thanks! I appreciate that. Fun to share -

Do you do commision work. And would you take steem?


Thanks for the compliment! PM me on slack

Trying to get my art out there as well. Looks like you have had great success! Any tips or pointers you could give a fellow artist?


I can sure try - are you on slack?


Joining up now :D

Edit: Looks down currently D:

Beautiful art with excellent and intriguing writing. Brilliant!


Thank you so much - really.


No, thank you for sharing your talents!

Fun Fact Pigeons are a kind of Dove

Nice short story.

the most important to be yourself ! , @jlwkolb

nice paintings with meaning is nice too :)

Jackdaw is rather kind of raven. Otherwise the story is nice, thanks


Here is what I found:
jackdaw |ˈjakˌdô|
a small, gray-headed crow that typically nests in tall buildings and chimneys, noted for its inquisitiveness.
[Genus Corvus, family Corvidae: two species, in particular the Eurasian C. monedula.]

I do know there's a difference between raven and crows - this invites more research. Thanks!

An interesting story with a deep sense!

I love your writings, thanks for share with us

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