Drawing of Sandy Cheeks

in #art4 years ago

Greetings friends steemans, again sharing something with you again
For this day I decided to make a recognized character of the sponge bob.
So enjoy this drawing as much as I do.

final drawing
I hope it was to your liking, see you on a next occasion


Great drawing lol , once a tried to draw Homer Simpson and it was a total fail 7cNSMKPQxz-12.png

it ended similar lol

Not bad though

nice sketch drawing :)
can u make sketch my face hahahaha ?

It really looks like spongy bob, the drawing is really awesome, well attempt

want to see more beautiful post,more beautiful post like this in the future

We wanna see Mister Tentacle! (:

is that a astronozer??

is comic strip next?

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It's your fault I read your post in her voice ;D

Nice picture, that not real but i like it

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