Fun with Art!

in #art7 months ago

Yesterday, I went to my favorite watering hole. As I was there, I took a picture of my favorite spot, which is in front of a cutout of a beer bottle in the side of the building. It's purpose, of course, is to give it a unique aesthetic, while showcasing that it is a brewery.

After getting home, I started editing the photos that I took. I was able to do so with a new app that was added to IOS (Apple) phones called Photoshop Camera. I'm not sure if it is available for android as well (I would assume so) but since I am an apple user again, I will tout its availability on the platform. Here is a shot of what the app looks like.

What is cool is you can take ordinary, yet beautiful photos and turn them into dream like landscapes. For example, the first image you saw with this post was a finished product. Here was the beginning:

Next with a few tweaks:

And finally, the finished product:

I also was able to get a different view, with a different background, shown here:

Now all of this is able to be done with the desktop version of Photoshop. It is more labor intensive, of course, but thats where all this can be done. All you would have to do is create a marquee around the bottle, import your dreamlike background into that spot, edit the lighting, colors and a bit more. However, this app makes it so much easier and still looks cool. You are able to tweak each filter and addition as well, if you so choose, giving you the opportunity to create beautiful pieces of art, much like the ones here.

If you get a chance, check it out. Thanks for reading about my fun-filled art project.