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Today our shop was tasked with printing a banner for a upstart local farm. They did not have any artwork to with, nor a concrete idea, but knew they wanted different aspects. So we pieced together an idea, using Photoshop CC with veggies highlighted on one side and pies and breads on the other, all staples of their business. After the artwork was complete, it was time to begin printing.

In order to print the 3' X 7' banner, we used our Roland VG-540 printer, as shown below:

After the banner is printed, you have to let it set for a minimum of one hour in order to let the ink dry. The printer has a drying mechanism that dries the ink to a certain degree, but not fully. Thus, the waiting for at least an hour.

Once we waited an hour, it was time to hem the banner. Hemming the banner means removing the excess non-printed material from the banner. As you can see below, this is what the banner looks like after removing quite a bit of extra blank space. The only extra space left was approximately 1''. That is the exact with of our double-sided tape to complete the process, as you will see next.

In the video below, I am seen applying the double-sided tape. You apply one side, remove the top layer, allowing you to fold over the banner. After you fold the banner to the correct crease line, you apply pressure to finish the hem. You will also see a photo of what it looks like unhemmed and hemmed on the backside (Disregard the questions from fellow co-workers, lol)

After you have completed the hemming process, you then want to apply grommets. Grommets are what vendors/business owners will put rope or twine through in order to keep the banners up and visible for prospective customers. You can see in the video below how they are applied and what it looks like once applied.

And thats it. Here, again, is the finished product:

Thanks for stopping by and reading about this time consuming yet fun process.



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